We have been cooperating with Real Estate Company Apartment reality for a long time to our utmost satisfaction. I recommend this company to my friends and acquaintances.

Lucie Hrabánková


With the company Apartment reality s.r.o. we have been cooperating with several years of great cooperation: its advantages are mainly the provision of leases for foreigners - it is the result of good foreign contacts and language facilities. They like to help Czech clients also.

Irena and Rudolf Erhart


I have been cooperating with the real estate agency Apartment reality, with its owner Ing. Magdaléna Šmídová, for several years, so I can assess our cooperation. I very much appreciate its professional approach, direct and open negotiations, excellent mutual communication, perfect service, help, friendliness, readiness and ability to react quickly. During my many years of intense cooperation, I have never encountered any obstacle that Ms Šmídová would not solve. so I can only recommend this real estate company, especially its owner Ing. Magdalena Šmídová.

Václava Rücklová


Ms. Bubáková has already been renting us the apartment at Vršovické nádraží for the third year. Discussions with Ms. Bubáková is on a high professional level. If there is a problem with the tenants, they have always solved these problems to the satisfaction of tenants and landlords. Still, if we rent an apartment, we will confidently turn to agency Apartment reality.

Irena and Václav Kalinovský


I am very satisfied with the services of this company. The sympathetic Mrs. Bubáková with an empathic approach has a wealth of experience in real estate and has given me a number of reasonable wishes to set up a tenancy relationship to suit both sides. I also greatly appreciated the fact that her care was not ended by the signing of the lease and she was willing to help us solve the problems that occurred later in the course of the lease. I have signed up to her Power of Attorney, and basically I have been taking care of the apartment for a year, starting with different administration and technical matters, and I am sincerely grateful to her because I live in the US and I can not do it without it.

Martina Abraham