How does the collaboration work?

  1. We will meet with you and, based on your ideas about how our relationship should work, we will set the criteria for cooperation.
  2. We will take complete photos of the apartment, prepare all the necessary documents. We are able to prepare all the materials in the English language in adequate quality.
  3. We will contact our existing clients or we will start looking for new potential tenants according to the parameters that we have agreed together with you.
  4. We will arrange everything around the tours without you having to worry about anything. Once a suitable tenant has been selected, we will contact you for client approval, prepare contracts, handover protocols, set up invoicing with the new tenant, and your apartment is rented. In case you have your own contracts, you can of course use your own contracts.
  5. If you don't have the time or the opportunity to manage the property and solve any complications or malfunctions, we are ready to provide a complete service where you really don't have to worry about anything.
  6. If the lease is terminated, we will make sure that the apartment is occupied by a new tenant as soon as possible.


Provided services

Variant A

Search for a tenant according to the owner's criteria.

COMPLETELY FREE , without commission or other hidden fees for apartment owners in Prague.

Put your apartment in our portfolio and we will take care of finding the most suitable new tenant according to your requirements.

Contracts can be yours or ours, depending on the agreement. It also does not matter whether it is a lease or a sublease. Our rental and sublease agreements are bilingual, in Czech and in English, according to legal standards.

Free rental consultation.
We need basic information about the apartment from the owner of the apartment, a photo of the apartment (mostly we go to rephotograph the apartment), we will arrange advertising and offer it to specific clients in our database.

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Why was this service created?

We have clients mainly from abroad, for whom we are looking for apartments for rent in the center of Prague. They ordered our service, and we are lookig for suitable apartment for rent.

Option B

Management of apartments and entire houses in the center of Prague.

Entrust us with the management of your property - an apartment or an entire apartment building, we will take care of the entire rental process

Management fee:

CZK 150 / month commercial space
CZK 250 / month apartment unit including tax.

We will find you a new tenant.
We communicate with the tenant throughout the rental period.
We handle all repairs.

We also provide service billing.

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Why was this service created?

Many owners do not have time to take care of their apartments or are abroad

We do not take over the apartments, the rent remains with the owner of the apartment, i.e. for the entire duration of the lease (sublease),  whether for variant A or B, the lease is between the landlord (owner) and the tenant (our client), if it is a sublease, then it is a relationship between the tenant and the subtenant. The owner only signs a list of authorizations (power of attorney) for which we can represent him.

We actively take care of every property we put on offer. Regular reports to owners are a matter of course. We guarantee 100% discretion and preservation of information for the apartment owner. 

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